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SkinCure Nails - The Full Story

About Us

The idea for SkinCure Nails was inspired by my passion for all things beauty-industry-related. Originally, I began this journey with the plan to release a skincare line derived entirely from natural ingredients, hence the name 'SkinCure'.

At the time of planning this, I was in the midst of learning how to do acrylic nails from various YouTube tutorials, and had bought myself a starter kit to practice with, which is when I discovered that my true passion was doing nails and nail art.

I practiced on clients but found that with sporadic bookings and the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic, it would take a lot longer for me to reach the goal of providing the nest egg for my family that I so desired.

After much research of the nail industry here in New Zealand, and a lot of thinking, I decided to create and sell press-on nails.

With the stunning press-ons that other nail artists here produce, I knew that I had to think of a creative way to make my products stand out amongst this amazing talent. Thus came the idea to create press-on nails with an acrylic overlay, which also added to the durability and longevity of wear.

With the added strength of acrylic, as well as many different lengths and shapes that you can choose with your design, SkinCure Nails' press-ons are a great fit for anyone, whether you have a physical job outdoors, play an instrument, work in a data entry position or are a busy homemaker that doesn't have the time to visit the nail salon regularly...And the biggest bonus of all? They're reusable!

With the right care, your press-on set could last you many wears into the future to ensure that you definitely get your money's worth.


Our Mission

To provide top quality affordable acrylic press-on nails that you can trust to withstand the pressures of your daily activities.

Our Values

Honesty & Integrity

We believe it is important that we honour our word and deliver on all promises that we make here at SkinCure Nails, as well as dealing with our customers with pure and good intentions.


We aim to include all necessary information in our product descriptions and policies to guarantee that there is no hidden, missed or misleading content when buying from SkinCure Nails.

We will provide shipping updates as they become available to us to prevent our customers from having any concerns and feeling misinformed.


We endeavour to accept any feedback received from our customers in a professional and polite manner, and use it, where possible, to improve our business operations.

We will engage with our customers in a professional manner always, in every circumstance.

Customer Satisfaction

While we do not offer refunds, returns or exchanges, there are some extenuating circumstances in which SkinCure Nails will be happy to negotiate a solution which may result in a refund or replacement being offered, such as shipping loss or damage.

We also offer you the chance to provide honest reviews about our products.


We accept any errors in judgement, made on our part, when dealing with customer enquiries or complaints, and will do our utmost to negotiate a solution that everyone is happy with.

Inclusion & Diversity

Every customer will be treated the same when shopping with SkinCure Nails. We will be inclusive of all perspectives and characteristics irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity etc.

We also aspire to create designs that resonate with or represent many different cultures, without causing upset or cultural appropriation.

Product Quality

We strive to only create and distribute products of a quality that we would consider acceptable as consumers ourselves, and aim to rectify any disputes, should a customer be unsatisfied with the quality of a product within reasonable cause.

Hygiene Standards

It is top priority to SkinCure Nails to do whatever we are able in order to protect our customers from contamination or contracting any type of infection or illness (e.g. Covid-19).

Gloves are worn when creating and packaging your press-on sets and all products sent are sanitised with Isopropyl Alcohol before shipping to ensure they are clean.

In the event of a return for a replacement set, the returned set will not be resold.


Meet The Team



Founder, Nail Artist

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In Loving Memory

This is dedicated to you Dad, thank you for continuing to inspire me to keep creating from the heavens and beyond. I wish you were here to see how far we've come. I love you! xx

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